Welcome to Garlad!

Garland Industries & Haberdashery Co Ltd is a Hong Kong company, its business is about Bow , Ribbon For Giftwrap;Clothing Accessories & Footwear;Lace & Trimming;Packaging Materials - Misc;Ribbon ( Cut-Edge ).

Our company started in Hong Kong the last century. It being knows as Garland Industries & Haberdashery Co. Ltd.

In 1990, Garland industries & Haberdashery Co. Ltd. are mainly specializing production the handmade ribbon bow. Across 10 years, we were spreading our company product ranges. It have ribbon roses, Chinese frogs, hand-crochet, appliqué, embroidery patch, hot-fix rhinestone & Rhinestud motifs, ultrasonic lace, lasercut, shoulder straps, metal buckles and closure, imitation jewelry, kinds of trimmings and stainless wires.

The dynamic growth of Garland was a first to following the fashion. This coupled with acquisition has given us the foundation to succeed in the modern marketplace. In 2012, Garland Industries & Haberdashery Co. Ltd. considered the production line is not enough to performing our client needs. Thus, we combined two factories in Fujian and reconstruction. All of this given us a platform to satisfy our client needs. Also, our head office is still based at Hong Kong.